Materials & Care



Bought or was presented with an embroidery?

This product is a 100% handmade and requires certain care. Here are some tips to keep your embroidery safe:

Avoid exposure to the sun: this can change the colors of the fabric and threads;

Leave your embroidery in a place without humidity; In case of mold you can spray the area with a solution of vinegar, water and baking soda and let it dry naturally.

Dust regularly with a dry cloth, gently;

Avoid touching the stitches;

Do not wet the embroidery, especially necklaces, key chains and magnets: the bottom of these pieces is made of a type of paper and can warp or peel off.

Has a more serious accident happened? Try lightly dampening the edge of a fabric and gently iron it.


For clothes and pillow covers:


Hand embroidery is very delicate so, when possible, avoid machine washing.

If washing is unavoidable: hand wash with neutral soap, zero bleach, don't soak, and do not rub!

Careful when ironing: iron on low temperature and please iron on the back side.